A Good Credit Score

A Good Credit Score

You can clean up credit report in 90 days. Raise score by 249 pts

Excellent! You stopped by to read this short article. First let me introduce myself. My birth name is Choice; unusual I know. I’ve always been just a regular person. I’m from a small town in Alabama. I’m here to show you a real life way to clean up credit.

In the upcoming days and weeks we’re going to talk in plain language about this credit game that has so many people in bondage. Understand that I’m not an attorney and I do not hold a degree in credit repair. But I have picked up a lot of knowledge about how to raise credit score and clean up credit.

I must admit I excited and shaking in my boots at the same time because this is my first article. So thanks in advance for your support. My goal is to equip you with enough information to get your credit score high enough for the finer things in life.

Let’s start off by talking about credit bureaus. They are certainly a money making machine. Many lives, marriages and families have been destroyed because of the kind of information they report. For them it’s all business; nothing more, nothing less.

Most of the companies you do business with report your payment history to the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus charge these companies a fee to list your information. It doesn’t matter about the validity of what they say about you, because it’s all about the money anyway.

All this information the credit bureaus compile on you is put into a credit report. It shows how you pay your bills, if you are in bankruptcy, any law suits or tax liens, and so forth and so on.

Bad credit reports are very damaging. They tell so much about you that may or may not be accurate. But because of the financial bonanza the credit bureaus have they don’t consider the morality of what they’re doing.

…and just fyi, the credit bureaus make even more money by selling everything they have on you to companies that pay for it. Those companies then make a decision on whether you buy a car or a home, get insurance or a job, and so forth. And when you think about how they report inaccurate information, it’s very troubling.

How many times have you heard that only time can clean up credit? That there is nothing you can do about your bad credit report? I tell you, you can do something about it. I did and that is the TRUTH.

The credit bureaus have to be 100% accurate when reporting bad credit on you. And that isn’t easy to do. Did you get that? It’s up to them to prove everything that’s reported is totally accurate. Otherwise it’s got to go. Did you know that?

O.K., in the next few days we’ll begin the process to clean up credit. First we’ll show you how to get a free credit report. Then we’ll show you how to put an end to all those collection agencies calling you all the time.

You’re going to love that; no more harassing phone calls from collection agencies. Oh what a relief it is.

Stay tuned… Choice Harris

Choice Harris believes in helping those in need. His motto is each-one-help-one. He wants to help you clean up credit. Get free insider tips on how you can raise your credit score by 249 points in 90 days. Presented in common everday language that you can put to immediate use.

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