A Good Credit Score

A Good Credit Score

A Do It Yourself Guide To Credit Repair

The process of credit repair is laborious and is not easy, but you need to do it for your sound financial health. A bad credit score or a report can adversely affect your ability to seek financial products such as loans, credit cards and the like. You miss a payment here, pile up some debts elsewhere, and suddenly find things getting out of control.

A bad credit score stops you from obtaining further loans, financial help or credit cards, or else you get these by paying exorbitant interest rates. Everyone needs credit at some time or the other, and the faster you arrange for credit repairs, the better for you.

The following steps will guide you to repair your credit yourself:

  • Get Your Credit Reports – Contact the three major credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion – and obtain your credit reports from them. All three reports may not be the same, but will indicate errors of omissions, misreporting, misinformation, or misinterpretation.Study the reports carefully and note all the errors you find. There may be credits you have cleared but have not yet appeared in the reports. There may be factual errors, or accounts you have not opened.
  • Contact the Credit Bureaus – For fraudulent accounts that do not belong to you, contact the credit bureaus and lodge a complaint. These accounts need to be removed from your credit report.
  • Contact Creditors – Your report may have negative comments from your creditors, or may still be showing debts you have already cleared. Contact your creditors to have this sorted out. Never give up communicating with your creditor. Sometimes a phone call is enough to reverse an anomaly.The negative comments may be true and if at present your account is in a good state, talking to your creditor can help to remove this. Fewer the negative comments on your report, the better it is for you.If the creditor is being extra difficult about a negative comment, or a debt, that should not be there, and you can back up your case with documents, you may have to file a dispute.
  • Pay Down Your Debts – Check the total debts you have. Too much debt can affect your credit rating. Creditors will be leery of granting you credit lines or extra loans. Too much debt does not speak well of your financial health, and you may have to pay higher rates of interest. Work out ways to reduce your debts, by paying off the debts with higher interest rates first.

Credit repairs will take time and effort, but you need to start immediately.

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