A Good Credit Score

A Good Credit Score

It Is Possible to Repair Your Credit After Bankruptcy

by William Blake

Bankruptcy stays on your credit record for a minimum of ten years. There is nothing you can do about that. If any service offers to erase that off of your credit record for a fee, don’t believe them. Most often, they’ll just take what’s left of your money and run. But this doesn’t mean you have to sit around miserably twiddling your thumbs for the next decade. You can work at your credit repair after bankruptcy.

Get A Loan, Little Doggie

Hard to believe, but often the best thing you can do for your credit repair after bankruptcy is to get a loan and pay it off. The loan can be for anything- such as a car loan. You won’t be able to simply walk into the bank and ask for a loan- you’ll have to research and find the loan for you.

Although your bank might not be able to give you a loan, they may be able to recommend credit repair after bankruptcy loan services to you. If you have any trusted friends and family members who’ve gotten their financial acts back together after bankruptcy, ask them for recommendations. You credit card company may even be able to give you recommendations for credit repair after bankruptcy loans. And, when all else fails, go on line.

Searching the Internet

Take a few moments to think about what you would like your credit repair after bankruptcy loan to be specifically for. There are companies who specialize in vehicle loans, including credit repair after bankruptcy loans. You might also consider typing “credit repair after bankruptcy” into a search engine online to look for advice and information.

There are many services and lenders who do offer credit repair after bankruptcy loans, just because there are a lot of customers who need this service. Remember, any kind of bank or lender is a business, and they will do whatever it takes to reel in new customers and keep the ones they already have. You are not alone when looking for a loan. There are thousands of individuals and companies that are in the same position as you.

When you do get your loan, do everything in your power to make your payments on time, or you can say goodbye to your credit repair.

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